Squint Opera

"This forward-thinking and moving project added a new dimension to our capabilities."


11/46-50 Regent Street, Richmond




Christine Francis


This forward-thinking and moving project added a new dimension to our capabilities. Squint/Opera is a unique multidisciplinary design firm truly pushing design boundaries across many sectors. With offices in the UK, New York and the Middle East, the opening of a Melbourne outpost was a project to really sink our teeth into.

SIBLING, itself a multifaceted studio at the forefront of investigative design, created a scheme based on ideas about computer modelling and wireframes. Literally, we created an incredible matrix of steel grid-mesh frames that create structured, delineated spaces around work zones, while still allowing light and views to flow through. Staff, with their custom desks, can use the grid to personalise their workspace – first and foremost with indoor plants. Planter boxes containing creepers and an innovative LED hydroponic system means that as the space matures, it will continue to come alive.

A presentation/board room is a more enclosed hub, with a feature ceiling comprising custom panelling wrapped in diamond foil. At the rear of the room, the hydroponic system glows with magenta light and is fixed with custom planters.